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The O2 visa checklist below provides a general idea of what is usually needed for the essential support staff of an O1A athlete or an O1B (O1B MPTV) artist to obtain their O2 work visa. To have a better understanding of this list, please read the O visa overview for the big picture and then review the O2 visa overview for the details of the O2 visa.  


Please click to download the O2 visa checklist for persons who are the support staff of an O1A athlete or an O1B (O1B MPTV) artist.

The overall emphasis on the documents and requirements/criteria of a O2 visa petition is that the O2 support staff has a specific relationship with the O1 visa worker that is hard to replace. For example, the O2 support staff working for a O1B MPTV worker in the motion picture or television industry would need to show that they have non-generic skills and experience with the O1B MPTV worker because of working together for a long period of time in the past or alternatively the O2 support staff would need to show that their connection with the O1B MPTV worker is because of a specific production which usually has already started overseas and the production that will continue in the United States would require the O2 support staff to work on it. In both scenarios, the O2 visa worker must have a non-generic specific tie to the O1 visa worker because the O2 visa is dependent on the O1 visa and it cannot be filed as a stand-alone visa petition.

The requirements for a O2 visa petition are extensive and while ticking the boxes of requirements sounds simple enough, figuring out what items should be included and strategizing how the petition is presented is not. It is common practice and strongly encouraged to obtain an attorney for employment-based nonimmigrant visa petitions.


If you have an O2 work visa (essential support staff of O1A athletes or O1B/O1B MPTV artists) immigration question, please fill out our contact us form or send us an email with some basic information about your background and your immigration needs. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

How we can help?

Kylie Huang Law’s immigration attorney will help identify whether the O2 visa is the appropriate nonimmigrant visa category for the client’s (or the client’s beneficiary’s) professional background and if there are other visa options for the client (or the client’s beneficiary). We will work closely with our client to prepare a convincing case for their (or it’s) O2 visa petition and we will also strategize on how the O2 visa petition should be presented to achieve the best chances of approval. It is strongly advised and common practice to retain an immigration attorney for an O2 work visa petition due to the complexities in the immigration process and visa requirements.

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