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Quick and Easy Recipes for International Students

This article includes a list of quick and easy recipes for international students (F1 visa students, J1 visa students, M1 visa students) or foreign worker (H1B work visa, O1 work visa, L1 work visa, P1 work visa) in the U.S.A. who are busy and don’t want to spend too much time on what they eat.

It is strongly recommended to buy some containers to save the cooked food. The containers can also be used if you choose meal prep for the week. In general, glass containers are better than plastic containers because they are more durable.

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Avocado Toast & Egg

When you are in a rush and don’t have time, an Avocado Toast and an egg is quick and simple enough. You would put your toast into your toaster. Spray a little bit of cooking oil onto your frying pan and turn the heat up to high. After the oil and pan is hot, you then crack 1 egg into the frying pan. Add a pinch of salt and pepper onto the egg. 

When the egg is still cooking, you can start cutting open your avocado. Slice the avocado or smash it. Take out the heated toast and put or spread the avocado onto it. Your egg should be cooked by then, so simply take it out from the frying pan and put it on the same plate as your avocado and toast. 

  • 1 Avocado (approximately 250 calories)


  • 1 Egg (approximately 70 calories)


  •  1 Slice of Toast (approximately 100 calories)

  • Cooking oil

  • Salt

  • Pepper



Making Asian dishes in the U.S.A., may require you to buy specific ingredients from your local Asian grocery store or Asian online grocery platforms. For example, 99 Ranch which has physical stores in major U.S. cities or Weee! which is an online grocery store that delivers to your doorstep.

Chinese Omelet

To make a Chinese Omelet, you would need to spray a little bit of cooking oil onto your frying pan and turn the heat up to high. Crack 1 egg into a bowl and stir. After the oil and pan is hot, you then pour the egg into the frying pan and then lay the plain pancake on top of the egg. Turn the heat down to medium high. When the egg seems to be cooked and is sticking to the plain pancake, you flip it over. You can then add whatever you would like on top of the egg, such as bacon or corn (optional). The last step is to fold the whole pancake into a rectangular form and then cut it into smaller pieces to eat. It is recommended to add some soy paste to the Chinese Omelet when you eat it. 

  • 1 Frozen Oriental Plain Pancake (approximately 120 calories)

  • 1 Egg (approximately 70 calories) 

  • Soy Paste 

  • Cooking oil 

Scallion Pancakes

When you have no time and am in a rush, frozen Scallion Pancakes can be very helpful. You just need to heat up the frozen scallion pancake using your frying pan. Generally, before putting your frozen scallion pancake onto your pan, you would spray a little bit of cooking oil onto your frying pan. 

  • 1 Frozen Scallion Pancake (approximately 250-400 calories)
  • Cooking oil  
Scallion Pancakes 蔥抓餅




Academic Students (F1 visa)

Vocational Students (M1 visa)

Students, Research Scholars, Professors, Exchange Visitors, Interns, Trainees, Foreign Medical Doctors (J1 visa)


Tourists (B2 visa)

Tourists Using ESTA (VWP visa, Visa Waiver Program)


Immigrant Visas (Green Card)

Extraordinary Ability in the Science, Art, Education, Business, Athletic field (EB1a Employment Based Green Card)

Outstanding Professors and Researchers (EB1b Employment Based Green Card)

Multinational Manager and Executive (EB1c Employment Based Green Card)

Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability Worker (EB2 Employment Based Green Card)

Professional Workers, Skilled Workers and Other Unskilled Labor Workers (EB2 Employment Based Green Card )

Religious Workers and Special Immigrants (EB4 Employment Based Green Card)

Business Owner and Investors (EB5 Employment Based Green Card)

Nonimmigrant Visas (Temporary Visas)

Workers in Various Fields:

Temporary Business and Tourism Visitor (B1 visa & B2 visa)

Extraordinary Ability in the Science, Education, Business and Athletics field (O1A visa)

Specialty Occupation Workers (H1B Visa)

Specialty Occupation Workers for Person from Chile or Singapore (H1B1 Visa)

Specialty Occupation Workers from Australia (E3 visa)

Professional Workers from Canada and Mexico (TN Visa)

Specialized Knowledge Transferee (L1B Visa)

Temporary Skilled and Unskilled Workers (H2B Visa)

Trainees and Special Education Exchange Visitor (H3 Visa)

Business Owners or Workers in Business Related Fields:

Manager and Executive Transferee (L1A Visa)

Treaty Traders or Their Employees (E1 visa)

Treaty Investors or Their Employees (E2 visa)

Workers in Art (Entertainment) or Athletic Related Fields:

Fashion Models (H1B3 Visa)

Extraordinary ability in the Arts and Extraordinary Achievements in Motion Pictures and Television (O1B visa)

Essential Support Staff for O1B Workers (O2 visa)

Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group (P1B visa)

Reciprocal Exchange Program (P2 visa)

Culturally Unique Program (P3 visa)

Internationally Recognized Athlete (P1A visa)

Essential Support Staff for P Visa Workers (P1S/P2S/P3S visa)

Workers in Other Specific Fields:

Temporary Religious Worker (R1 visa)

Agricultural Workers (H2A Visa)

U.S. Department of Defense Workers (H1B2 Visa)


Immigrant Visas (Green Card)

Family of U.S. Green Card Holder:

Marriage to U.S. Green Card Holder (F2A Marriage Based Green Card)

Unmarried Adult Child of Green Card Holder (F2B Family Based Green Card)

Family of U.S. Citizen:

Marriage to U.S. Citizen (IR1 or CR1 Marriage Based Green Card)

Unmarried Adult Child of U.S. Citizen (F1 Family Based Green Card)

Married Children of U.S. Citizen (F3 Family Based Green Card)

Brother or Sister of U.S. Citizen (F4 Family Based Green Card)

Parents of U.S. Citizen (F5 Family Based Green Card)

Widow(er) of Deceased U.S. Citizen (EB4 Family Based Green Card)

Nonimmigrant Visas (Temporary Visas)

Foreign Fiance(e) (K1 visa)

Foreign Spouse (K3 visa)

Dependent Children of Foreign Fiance(e) (K2 visa)

Dependent Children of Foreign Spouse (K4 visa)