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The naturalization application (N-400) checklist below provides a general idea of what is usually needed for green card holders to become U.S. citizens. To have a better understanding of this list, please read the U.S. citizenship overview for the big picture and then please read U.S. citizenship by naturalization overview for details of how green card holders naturalize into U.S. citizens.


Please click to download the naturalization application (N-400) checklist for green card holders who are naturalizing into U.S. citizens.

The green card holder (LPR, lawful permanent resident) naturalizing into a U.S. citizen is the final step in the U.S. immigration journey. To remain in the United States, the green card holder can choose to file for U.S. citizenship after 5 years (or 3 years for spouses of U.S. citizens who are still married) or renew their green card every 10 years. The main benefits of naturalizing into a U.S. citizen would be the safety of not being deportable if there are any violations of certain U.S. laws and being able to stay overseas for as long as they wish to (unlike green card holders who run the risk of losing their green card visa status if they stay overseas for over 6 months at a time). Filing for U.S. citizenship is generally the option chosen by green card holders who satisfies the requirements for naturalization. 

The overall emphasis on the documents and requirements/criteria of the naturalization application (N-400) is showing that the green card holder has spent enough time in the United States and has remained a person with good moral character.


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How we can help?

Kylie Huang Law’s immigration attorney will help identify if the client is qualified to naturalize into a U.S. citizen. We will work closely with our clients to prepare their naturalization application and we will also strategize on how their naturalization application should be presented in the filings and in the interview to achieve the best chances of approval. It is advised and common practice to retain an immigration attorney for certain unusual naturalization applications due to the complexities in the immigration process and visa requirements.

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